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CMSA Code of Ethics

As members of the California Moving and Storage Association, we strive to provide honest, efficient, and quality services to the California household goods moving consumer.

To that end, we commit to the following CMSA Code of Ethics to guide our business operations:

  1. To encourage and develop the highest levels of industry service quality.

  2. To promote the lawful best interests of our industry, association and craft.

  3. To observe all Bureau of Household Goods and Services rules and regulations as they relate to our industry and operations.

  4. To observe all laws relating to operations and employee safety.

  5. To deal with our industry colleagues, suppliers and trade associates, within and without our association, in only the most honorable way and to encourage their adherence to this code of ethics.

  6. To operate as responsible employers and to encourage our employees to behave honorably and responsibly as they represent our industry and our firms.

  7. To participate in advertising that only portrays our services in an honest and fair manner.

  8. To cooperate in the lawful review of any person in our industry alleged to be engaged in improper practices.

  9. To explain carrier limits of liability.

  10. To uphold and observe all membership obligations including timely payment of all charges for membership and requested services.

*CMSA is a trade association, not a state agency or other regulatory body; consequently, CMSA has no investigative or enforcement authority. In addition, CMSA, as a trade association, must be strictly mindful of federal and state anti-trust laws that strongly disfavor trade association termination of individual memberships except in extreme situations, and only after detailed due process proceedings. Rather, CMSA regularly takes a proactive approach to assisting consumers resolve disputes with member moving companies when they arise. CMSA always fulfills its legal obligation to cooperate with any regulatory authority investigating any claim of a mover member's improper practice. CMSA provides its members the tools, education, support and network to enable its members to meet each CMSA Code of Ethics standard.

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